d began weaving dramatically amongprotruding girders, half built towers, mazelike channe. ls, temporary scaffolding,sporadic floodlights. The antiaircraft defenses weren t nearly as well developed hereyet they d been depending completely on the deflector shield for protection.Consequently the major sources of worry for the Rebels were the physical jeopardiesof the structure itself, and the Imperial TIE fighters on their tails. I see it the power channel Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) system, Wedge radioed. I m going in. I see it, too, agreed Lando. Here goes nothing. This isn t going to be easy Over a tower and under a bridge and suddenly they were flying at top speedinside a deep shaft that was barely wide enough for three fighters, Microsoft Certification wing to wing.Moreover, it was pierced, along its entire twisting length, by myriad feeding shaftsand tunnels, alternate f. orks, and dead end caverns and spiked, in addition, with analarming number of obstacles within the shaft itself heavy machinery, structuralelements, power cables, floating stairways, barrier half walls, piled debris. A score of Rebel Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) it exam fighters made the first turn off into the power shaft, followedby.twice that number of TIEs. Two X wings lost its right away, careening into aderri

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
98-379 Software Testing Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

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